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When leaders are gone




Timing is an extremely important aspect of leadership. The wrong move of a leader at the wrong time brings disaster. On the other hand the right action at the right time assures the success of any endeavor that leaders are involved into.


The one quality that is the hallmark of the purest leader of all time is the ability to create an environment where positive things happen even when his time has passed by.


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There is one expression that John Maxwell mentioned about this idea: To add growth lead followers to multiply growth lead leader. This starting point can be firstly related with the way a company is evolving but it is not only that. Once the focus is on developing people and growing leaders the success and continuity of the leadership in the company is assured.


A leader knows that to develop followers you focus on weakness, to develop leaders you focus on strengths. To develop followers you hold power, to develop leaders you give up power. To develop followers you spend time, to develop leaders you invest time.


It is a totally different mindset but the legacy this leaves is greater then ever imagined. This has been in seen in the case of Coca-Cola Company under Roberto C. Goizueta. When after his death the company continues as he was still there. The stocks were fairly stable and the shareholders trusted the future of the company. The former CEO succeed in doing so by understanding the principle that it is the responsible of the leader to make sure the company is in position of doing great things without him!


While leading he developed and prepared strong executives around him. That had a great impact even when he was leading as his ideas influencing the leaders around him became multiplied by the attitude those leaders had upon the followers and leader underneath them.


In certain situations this does not necessary means passing away; it can simply mean not having that leadership position anymore.


Here are three things you can do to ensure success when you are gone:


1) Understand that the purest form of leadership assures a company does great things without him.


2) Focus on developing strengths, giving power way to and invest time in developing strong leaders around you.


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