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Titles, influence and leadership




The true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less. The capacity to influence others to participate is what defines a leader.


A major confusion about leadership is that because somebody holds a title he is a leader. The reality shows that this is not necessarily true. The most a title can do is buy some time to increase or decrease the ability to influence of the person who holds it.


In certain organizations the title certainly has huge leverage in controlling the people bellow. Such cases are easily seen in military organizations or in situations where financial compensations are directly dependent on the leaders decision. Nevertheless, that does not make a person a leader.


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If you do not have influence you will not be able to lead others. John Maxwell points out a proverb: "He who thinks is leading and nobody follows, is just taking a walk."


Knowledge, IQ, entrepreneurial style or pioneering work does not directly equate to leadership. Moreover, being first is not necessary leading. Having the capacity to make others [...] Quote


How to develop influence?


The process through which the art of influence can be developed is a greater subject. Various titles have been written on the subject and on this site you can find some of them.


How can you test your leadership ability?


I will use here the suggestion made by the expert in leadership, John Maxwell. Charity organization and volunteer work are the places where leadership can be seen in its purest form. To be able to convince others to follow you in organization where no artificial leverage can be used is the perfect test of how powerful your ability to influence is.


Here are three things you can do now to increase your awareness on this subject:


1) If you are in a leadership position, by title, look around and observe whether or not people follow you freely.


2) Make a clear decision to do what is necessary for improving this important area of your life, the capacity to influence others. It comes that hard work is necessary to earn the right to be a leader in any type of organization.


3) Read more free articles on leadership subject at Leadership and Management at Leadmanship.com. On the same website, you have the ability to buy the best programs in this field. Select your choice, study and apply the suggestions of the world renowned experts.


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