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Priorities, sacrifice and leadership




The leader has the awareness of knowing that activity does not equate accomplishment. All his priorities are focused on what really matters something that brings results and highest rewards. How to look at priorities can be very nicely illustrated by a story the Stephen Covey says. "The leader is the one the take a ladder and climbs the highest three in the jungle. Then he shouts: Wrong jungle!"


When looking at priorities and the actions he needs to do the leader know the fact that sacrifices need to be made. "You have to give up, in order to go up" is deeply rooted in his mind. This is seen in the light of the fact that achievement is a process not a one time payment and he continuously look at the vision and priorities his actions accordingly.


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As far as priorities and the desire to excel one quality of the leader is the capacity to understand that: "You do not have to be sick to get better." Good is the enemy of the best and leaders know that. They take any situation and go for the best. A good example of this is General Electric and the attitude Jack Welch. In the moment when he took the company things were going well, it was a good situation for the company and the stock value was pretty.


Nevertheless, Jack understood that good can get better. He introduced a revolutionary program in the company. He focused on the products that were bringing the highest rewards for the company and eliminated others. With courage, though the situation was good, he reduced various departments and fired a great number of top executive. The results were very good and that could be seen in the company grown where the value of the stocks doubled.


It was a great lesson in leadership and understanding that this leader had. Not only he understood that good can get better, but also perhaps he knew that if you are not going up towards better, towards evolution by law you are going down. Things do not stagnate in this universe.


Here are four things you need to understand to achieve the best:


1) Understand that activity does not equate accomplishment. Continuously look at your vision and arrange your time and actions accordingly.


2) "You have to give up, to go up". Sacrifice is part of the game in becoming successful in life, in general; same in leadership.


3) A leader knows that the good is enemy of the best. He can settle down only for the best. The leader knows that by law you either go up to get better or you go down and soon be in difficulties; there is no such thing as stagnation in this universe.


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