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Greetings from Valentin Dem!


This part of the site is not intended to be a biography of any kind about Valentin Dem. It is a brief informative message where you would find out a couple of things about me and specifically how I arrive at putting this site online.


I am currently living in Belgium. In a very beautiful city called Leuven, about 25 Km. away from Brussels. I am young enough to still have dreams and old enough to practically make them come true. Have various interests but one which takes an important part of my life now is self-development.


Four about an half a year I am actively involved in a one year life-changing coaching and consulting program, with master coach Bob Proctor. You can find out more about this program on his Web Site.


It was during this training that I have been inspired to consider way in which I could bring value to people around me. The field of management and specially leadership was very fascinating to me since many years. I enjoyed observing great leaders on the globe and how they shape the destiny of their companies, countries or even the world entire.


I have created this site, with the idea in mind that it will bring value to you. I would like to encourage personal development in such an important areas as management and leadership.


You can actively participate in this by:


1. Using the programs on the site that best suits your interest.


2. Letting other people know about this site. If you are a website owner you can also link to this site by using the following simple html code:


<a> href="http://www.leadmanship.com">Leadership and Management at Leadmanship.com</a>


The hyperlink will be displayed like:
Leadership and Management at Leadmanship.com


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